Coventry University by Tamsin

© Sean Williams

Tamsin from Coventry University spent a week with One Dance UK for her work experience. She explains her University experience below:
I struggled at the start of university. The course was such a big change to my private dance school training. At first I struggled with the creative freedom we were encouraged to explore, as we were pushed outside of our comfort zones. However I also enjoyed the challenges that this brought and I was determined to push through and develop my own creative voice and opinion.

Unfortunately, I sustained a severe knee injury which caused me to miss a lot of classes to be in and out of hospital and physiotherapy. I was terrified I would never be able to dance again. With the injury I began to worry about my career, not knowing what road to go down and panicking for my future. Thankfully, on our course we had modules in all three years (1st, 2nd and 3rd) where we would be working with young children. In our first year we taught 2 groups of year 3’s. For our second year, we created workshops and group pieces to tour around the midlands. In this tour we would perform and teach at schools to try and inspire as many children to continue to dance, which I personally thought was extremely rewarding. Finally, in our final year we were left to create dance classes for year three students. Personally, this was my favourite module of my entire university career. This experience made it obvious for me what I should be doing in my future, I knew from this that I wanted to become a primary school teacher. I love the excitement and the passion that children have when I am teaching them new things. This particular third year module goes towards my dance graduating project (DGP) and my lecturers have guided me to take the teaching route to get more practice in the teaching department ready for my future.

Coventry University together with my devotion for working with children has helped me to find so many other passions along the way. For example, one subject that I was so excited to start researching was young children’s dance and disability. From this interest I have written a 7000-word dissertation on the benefits of dance and muscular dystrophy. Coventry University aims to open our eyes and introduce us to so many different experiences to makes us ready for the industry and to be able to find our calling, and I am hoping that I have been able to find mine.

Looking back to my first two years of university I am grateful for such a big challenge as it opened my mind to so many new experiences and ways of looking at things and what dance can be. Despite the challenges at the start of my university experience, the skills and opportunities they have offered me (for example, residencies with Motionhouse) have made me excited for what’s to come and grateful for everything given to me.