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Constant Vigier was born in Quimper, France and studied ballet at the Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison and went on to study in Paris where he graduated from the Paris Opera Ballet School and later furthered his studies at the School of the Hamburg Ballet in Germany.

It was in Germany that Constant became interested in choreography under the inspiration of choreographer John Neumeier.

He creates his first work in his graduation year in Hamburg, creating “Gleich, Anders, Gleich, Anders, Gl…” at the Ernst Deutsch Theatre.

The following year, Constant took part in a showcase programme, Young Choreographers of the Hamburg Ballet, creating, “3X2 für M&M”.

Since joining Scottish Ballet in 2013, Constant has created a number of works as an independent choreographer. These include creations for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at DanceBase and the French Institute. In 2019, Constant choreographed for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo at the Edinburgh Castle. In 2015 he was invited to take part in the “Tell Tale Steps” Choreographic Lab organised by Northern Ballet in Leeds.

In 2019, Constant was commissioned to create a new piece for the Festival Cadences in Arcachon, France.

The following year he attended a course about screendance with Katrina McPherson and started to do digital projects.

Dance Styles: Classical Ballet, Commercial, Contemporary, Film, Lyrical, Movement Direction, Musical theatre, Staging
Work Context: Advertising, Ballet Company, Clubs, Commercials, Corporate events, Cruise Ships, Dance Theatre, Digital / Internet, Fashion / Hair Shows, Film, Installations, Live Art/ Performance Art, Music Video, Musical Theatre, Opera, Physical Theatre, Pop promos, Sports Events, Stadium & Arena opening and closing ceremonies, Television, Video
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Mobile: +44 (0)7585963776
Twitter: @constantvigier
Profile Credits


Music video for YLLWSHRK.

Music written, performed and produced by : YLLWSHRK.

Dancer : Katie Miller.

Director and Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Editor and Producer : Jamiel Laurence.


"My Beautiful Life" by Jerry Burns

film created in October 2020.

Dancer : Amy McEntee.

Singer/songwriter : Jerry Burns.

Co-written by : Jerry Burns and Sally Herbert.

Director / Choreographer / Editor : Constant Vigier.



film created in May 2020.

The narrative of this short screendance is inspired by the situation of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dancers : Claire Souet, Rimbaud Patron and Marge Hendrick.

Music : Dan O’Connor’s “Copper Mountains”.

Director / Choreographer / Editor : Constant Vigier.


"And Let Them Glow" YLLWSHRK

Music Video for the song “And Let Them Glow” by Yllwshrk featured on their debut album I AM ALADDIN.

Director : Lewis Landini.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancer : Nicholas Shoesmith.

Steady Cam Operator : Diana Dumi.



film created in September 2020.

A collaboration with William Chambers Millinery.

Dancer : Marge Hendrick.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Music : Ooyy’s “Come 2gether”.

Editing : Jamiel Laurence.



film created in September 2020.

Dancer : Rishan Benjamin.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Music : Weval’s “The Most”.

Editing : Jamiel Laurence.



film created in August 2020.

Choreographer/dancer : Constant Vigier.

Music : Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run”.

Editing : Jamiel Laurence.



film created in July 2020.

Dancer : Kayla-Maree Tarantolo.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Music : Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals.

Editor : Jamiel Laurence.



film created in May 2020.

I recorded myself dancing 16 versions with different counts and slight variations to create canons and formations.

Choreographer/Dancer : Constant Vigier.

Music : Sonia Killmann.

Editing : Jamiel Laurence.



premiered at Théâtre de la Mer, Arcachon, France. Festival Cadences. 22 September 2019.

Inspired by Nadine Labaki’s movie “Capernaum” this new piece by Constant Vigier is a reflexion on matters such as the responsibility of procreation, the conflict between modernity and tradition, and how one wants to decide for someone else.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers : Hélène Bernadou, Elio Clavel, Grace Paulley, Constant Vigier.

Costumes : Annie Robinson, Constant Vigier.

Music : Mouzanar, Prokofiev, Grieg, Shostakovitch, Piazzolla.


"Oh, Lord"

premiered at Dance Base Edinburgh, UK. Special Edition, Fringe Festival. 16 August 2015.

I created this piece wondering about the origin of our actions. Do we follow others and the rules of society or do we make deliberate choices? How much does a change of situation affect our behaviours?

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers : Ellen Elphick, Laura Joffre, Constant Vigier.

Music : Schubert’s String Quintet in C major D956 : I- Allegro, ma non troppo.



Premiered at Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, UK. Independant : Ballet, Cottier Dance Project. Cottiers Theatre. 19 June 2015.

This choreography was first inspired by the song “Animal” by Maroon 5.

This strange feeling of wanting someone who has so much power on you that they can destroy you was the main line of the inspiration of the movement.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers: Madeline Squire, Victor Zarallo.

Music : Jon Hopkins’ Breathe this Air.


"Stabat Mater"

premiered at Dance Base Edinburgh, UK. Special Edition, Fringe Festival. 10 August 2014.

The choreography is inspired by the lyrics of Vivaldi’s score.

From the pain a mother gets as she loses her child, I tried to re-live the whole journey of one’s life. This journey brings us around the themes of motherhood, childhood, education, relationships… How much does our life depend on others’ ?… and vice versa.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers : Chloë Réveillon, Constant Vigier.

Music : Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater.



movie by Lewis Landini created in April 2014.

Even though this duet could be the ending of a project with a return to the roots, it is for me as a choreographer the start of a reflexion on communication.

Technology offers us incredible possibilities of communication through so many devices but however it seems harder and harder to communicate face to face.

The title for the bigger project would be “Uprooted Optimists” and that sums up very well my point of view on that matter.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers : Brenda Lee Grech, Victor Zarallo.

Director/Editor : Lewis Landini.

Music : Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto No.4 in A major, BWV 1055 : II- Larghetto.


"3x2 für M&M"

premiered at Deutschen Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany. Junge Choreografen II. 27 March 2012.

This piece is a representation of my relationship with dance. There are days when everything seems possible and easy and other days when it feels much deeper and profound like a very intimate love story. However it can also be very frustrating and become a fight between the body and the mind.

Choreographer : Constant Vigier.

Dancers : Priscilla Tselikova, Xue Lin, Yun-Su Park, Marcelino Libao, Aleix Martinez, Thomas Stuhrmann.

Music : Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto no.1 in D Minor : I- Allegro.

Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major : II- Adagio.


Northern Ballet's Choreographic Lab.

Constant Vigier took part in the two-week program to create with dancers from Norther Ballet Company.


"Edinburgh Military Tattoo" 2019.

Constant Vigier created a French Cancan routine for the French military.