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Jamiel is a Dance Artist, Choreographer and an Award-Winning Filmmaker based in the U.K.

​Jamiel was born in London, England and trained at The Arts Educational School Tring Park, as well as receiving two years of musical training in 2006-2007 at the Trinity College of Music in Greenwich. His classical training was received at Central School of Ballet between 2007 – 2009 and Jamiel joined Scottish Ballet in 2009, becoming a Soloist in 2016 and retiring in 2021.

​In 2011, Jamiel became the Project Manager of the newly opened Lanterns Studio Theatre, London and launched the venue on its trajectory to becoming the premier Production Rehearsal and Creative space that it is today.​

In 2017, Jamiel was selected for the 'SB Creates' Scottish Ballet Choreographic Mentorship Programme and throughout 2018, Jamiel began exploring capturing and producing his own work using a variety of modern mobile film-making techniques.

​Jamiel has now created work for organisations including  BBC ARTS, BBC Scotland, Google, 3Tone Records, Peter Darrell Trust, Celtic Connections, Scottish Ballet, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Dance School of Scotland and more, with his work being shown in a variety of settings including on BBC iPlayer, BBC World Service, The International Mobile Film Festival, New York Mobile Film Festival, the inaugural Dance International Glasgow, Theatre Royal Glasgow, Dance Camera West, Celtic Connections 2019, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dance on Camera New York, San Francisco International Dance Film Festival, LOIKKA Helsinki, and the opening Dumfries House for HRH Prince Charles.

​Jamiel acted as Assistant Choreographer to Christopher Hampson on the 2019 production of “Wee Hansel & Gretel” for Scottish Ballet, and in July 2019 began receiving direct support from several Tech companies to continue to capture his work using the latest in Mobile Camera technology.

​During the current U.K. wide quarantine & lockdown, Jamiel began producing his own series of Mobile Isolation Creations which led to several further substantial commissions. Using this momentum Jamiel founded the crowdfunding initiative #FundFreelanceDance - getting freelance Dance Artists and their supporting Artists and Services returned to the studio, returned to their craft and back into paid engagements.

#FundFreelanceDance has now raised over £12,00, provided services to over 1200 participants and created 67 paid engagements since launching in September 2020.

​More recently, Jamiel choreographed the music video "SICK" on the debut album of pop artist Adam Hender, Choreographed & Produced the Peter Darrell Trust Commissioned short film "TO THE SEA".

In 2021 he choreographed & performed a duet for the farewell concert for Celtic Connection 2021 - The first dance performance to take place at Scotland's largest music venue, the SSE Hydro, since March 2020.

2021 also saw Jamiel provide Zoom workshops across Scotland and create the video callout for the Scottish Ballet "Safe To Be Me™ Dance Film Challenge".

Dance Styles: Classical Ballet, Commercial, Contemporary, Film, Historical, Historical / Period, Large cast movement and staging specialist, Lyrical, Movement Direction, Musical theatre, Other, Staging
Work Context: Advertising, Ballet Company, Commercials, Community, Dance Theatre, Digital / Internet, Documentary, Education, Film, Installations, Live Art/ Performance Art, Live Music, Motion Capture, Music Video, Other, Outdoor events, Pop promos, Site specific, Sports Events, Stadium & Arena opening and closing ceremonies, Training, Variety Shows, Video, Visual Theatre, Works with masks
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Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.jamiellaurence.com
Twitter: @jamiellaurence
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"REKT" is a dance film that explores the psychological effects of applying blanket, one-size-fits-all policy and the resulting impact on our society.

A Film by Jamiel Laurence

‘Customer’ – Philip Alexander Macdonald
‘Youth‘ – Ty McPhee
‘Attendant’ – Allan Harper

Music by Ben Lukas Boysen
Courtesy of Erased Tapes

Colour Grade by Lizo Glennard


Supported By
Moondog Labs Inc. - https://moondoglabs.com/ref=JamielLau...
Erased Tapes Records – www.erasedtapes.com
Ultimate Car Wash - 1439 Edinburgh Road, Glasgow, U.K.

Filmed on iPhone

Thank You To
Ashley, Jamie, Jane, Anders & Leticia, Constance


"Marching On" - Choreographer & Dancer commissioned by the Celtic Connections Music Festival 2021 performing at Glasgow's SSE Hydro - first live performance since March 2020


Scottish Ballet Safe To Be Me Campaign
Film Challenge

Scriptwriter, Editor

Provision of 11 interactive workshops across Scotland



Social Media Promo
Cyberfest 2020




Music Video



a film by Jamiel Laurence

Choreographer & Filmmaker

TO THE SEA is a dance film that celebrates youth, friendship and the freedom to roam.

Set on the west coast of Scotland and shot over the course of a single beautiful day, the film follows two young men as they bound across the open beach and traverse the landscape from early morning to late afternoon.

With music written and performed by emerging artist FINLAY, the track “Higgs Boson” from his debut album "Self & Others" is the lead inspiration behind the narrative for the work, providing the momentum for the running sequences choreographed into the piece.

Choreographer & Filmmaker
Jamiel Laurence

Danced by
Henry Dowden & Aitor Arrieta

Constant Vigier

Commissioned & Supported by
The Peter Darrell Trust

Supported by

Globetown Records
Moondog Labs
Zhiyun Tech



Founder & Director

The #FundFreelanceDance initiative is set up to get Dance Artsits and their Supporting Artists & Services:-

- Back into the studio safely

- Returned to their craft

- Working on paid creative engagements.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and subsequent lockdowns of 2020, the #FundFreelanceDance initiative has successfully engaged 21 Artists across the disciplines of Dance, Teaching, Choreography, Music, Composition, Photography, Filmmaking, Lighting Design and more.

If we do not act now, a whole generation of artists will be lost and there will be no Arts & Culture sector left to save.

Thank you for supporting the #FundFreelanceDance initiative.


"SICK" - Adam Hender
Music Video

3Tone Records

Choreographer & Movement Director


Choreographer & Filmmaker

JAM JARRING is a collaboration of ideas between the Y1 & Y2 Students of the BA Modern Ballet Programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland working with choreographer and filmmaker Jamiel Laurence.

Using an empty Jam Jar as a plot device, the piece was created over 2 weeks during Lockdown using dance and filmmaking tasks set via the conference calling application Zoom, with a focus on experimentation, diversity of location and having fun! With the dancers returned to their homes across the globe, the piece relied heavily on the ingenuity, test shooting and the creative inputs of each individual's response to each task.

The music is a recorded composition by London based musician and performer, Guy Salim.


Choreographer & Filmmaker

** Award of Merit at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2020 **

A film by Jamiel Laurence

A Dance Film that takes a perspective on Dance, Nature and the Architecture of Glasgow urban living during the 9th week of the Isolation Lockdown of 2020.

The film is a meditation on the idea of looking at dance from the outside in, as dancers of Glasgow come to terms with their current state of inactivity, and dance creators are forced to find new ways to develop and capture their work.

Music “Glasstuck” Composed by Sonia Killmann

Filmed on mobile using the latest in Mobile Filmmaking techniques and equipment, with kind support from Apple Europe, Moondog Labs and Zhiyun Tech.

A special thank you to all of the dancers who took part, not only in the development of the movement and filming, but also in the ongoing development of the work during the editing process.

Chris Harrison
Evan Loudon
Eado Turgeman
Matthew Broadbent
Rishan Benjamin
Marge Hendrick
Constant Vigier
Grace Paulley
Roseanna Leney
Constance Devernay



Choreographer & Filmmaker

* Pick for the Portland Dance Film Festival *
"Stay At Home Screendance"

The second in a series of Isolation Miniatures created by Jamiel Laurence while in lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic of 2020, LIGHTBOX was Shot in Jamiel & Constance's own living room, on a 2m x 2m piece of harlequin floor.
The choreography pushes back against the claustrophobic choreographic challenge on both the dancer and the camera movement, seeking to use the two in combination to break through the restrictions of creating and producing work in one’s own living space.
The dancer is at times drawn to the light, and at others trapped by it as we crescendo in pace and rhythm, Finishing teetering on the edge.
As a mobile filmmaker, Jamiel shot the work on iPhone and used app-controlled LED bulbs and strips found around his home, creating the atmospheric strobing and lighting devices driving the choreography forwards.

WARNING --- Contains Flashing Images


Isolation Miniature 1 - “Technologic”
Choreographer & Filmmaker

***** Winner of the #ZhiyunStaysAtHome Challenge 2020 *****

Created during the U.K. nationwide period of Lockdown due to COVID19.

Music - "Technologic" Daft Punk
Dancer(s) - Jamiel Laurence



Choreographer & Filmmaker

Exploring cross border cultural exchange using the latest mobile technology available in your pocket. With kind support from Apple Europe, the creation process for this work involved developing the danced material in the studio in Glasgow, U.K., and using applications such as Apple's FaceTime and Photostream to send across rehearsal footage and instructional videos to a dancer in New York, U.S.A.

Rehearsing and shooting the film on a single sunny morning in the Brooklyn area allowed two dancers from very different cultural dance backgrounds to meet for the first time and have a conversation via dance.

Choreographer & Director - Jamiel Laurence
Dancers - Aaron Venegas & Lloyd Knight
Music - Hope Tala "Lovestained"

Filmed on Mobile

Filmed using Moondog Labs Lenses & Filters:- moondoglabs.com/?ref=JamielLaurence

With Kind Support from:- Apple, The Joyce Theatre & the Gibney Dance Studios 280 Broadway, Globetown Records, Moondog Labs



Jamiel Laurence is a Choreographer & Mobile Filmmaker based in Glasgow, U.K.



Choreographer & Filmmaker

BALLS is a colourful mobile dance film shot on Apple iPhone 11 pro by Choreographer & Filmmaker Jamiel Laurence and danced by Ric Castellani

Music by Aoki Yutaka


DO I HAVE FREE WILL - BBC Arts, Google Arts & Culture

Choreographer & Filmmaker

Available on BBC Arts: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07qtjm2

Do I have free will? is one of the most searched questions online. In this short film choreographer and film-maker Jamiel Laurence explores this question. Dancers - Guy Salim and Anna Knowles - tussle for control, over themselves and each other, while an explosive industrial soundtrack pumps through the space. Filmed in anamorphic widescreen to capture every movement, the film is an exploration of freedom and control, predetermination and chance.


"Wee Hansel & Gretel"
Assistant Choreographer to Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director & Executive Scottish Ballet


MASTER PLAN - Dance School of Scotland

Choreographer & Filmmaker

***** Winner of “Best Music Video” at the Super 9 Mobile Film Fest 2020 *****

***** Winner of "Best interaction between Dance and Camera" at Dare to Dance In Public 2020 *****

*** Shortlisted for the John Byrne Award 2020 ***
Celebrating the wealth of young talent Scotland has to offer, MASTER PLAN features 16 year old Jamie Campbell, a student in his final year at the Dance School of Scotland.

Filmed on Mobile, the film captures Jamie running and dancing his way down Glasgow's iconic Great Western Road.

Dancer: Jamie Campbell
Film & Choreography: Jamiel Laurence
Music: "The Plan" - The Poets of Rhythm
Location: Great Western Road, Glasgow, UK

Winner of "Best Interface of Dance & Camera" at the Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival 2020

MASTER PLAN will screen at REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, L.A. on January 11 at 5:30 pm as part of Dance Camera West 2020 ---

Filmed using Moondog Labs Lenses & Filters:- moondoglabs.com/?ref=JamielLaurence



FLIGHT - Commissioned by the BBC as part of #DancePassion

Choreographer & Filmmaker

Available on iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube


"An extraordinary performance in BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay building featuring Scottish Ballet’s Barnaby Rook Bishop alongside Barrowland Ballet/Wolf Pack, the Dance School of Scotland, The Dimestop, Indepen-dance, PRIME/Dance Base, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Tamsyn Russell Dance, Shaper/Caper: The Body, TuFlamenco and Ydance (Scottish Youth Dance), choreographed and filmed in a single take by Jamiel Laurence."


“YOUNG EDMUND” - A Collaboration With Jarlath Henderson for Celtic Connection 2019


- Dance by 2nd years of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Choreographer & Filmmaker

***** WINNER at the Intentional Mobile Film Festival 2020 *****
*** Finalist for New York Mobile Film Festival 2019 ***
** Semi Finalist La Danza in 1 Minuto 2019 **
* Selection for the Super 9 Mobile film festival 18/19 *
* Selection African Smartphone International Film Festival *

Benched is danced by Glasgow born dancer Jamie Reid, and is filmed within the grounds of the iconic Kelvingrove Park. The piece takes a look at themes of isolation, anxiety and frustration.

Music: “Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number One” Written by Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie, Performed by A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Appears Courtesy Kranky, Ltd. and Erased Tapes

Supported by Check It Scaffolding, Erased Tapes Music, Kranky Ltd., The Lanterns Studio Theatre

Filmed on an iPhone X

Filmed using Moondog Labs Lenses & Filters:- moondoglabs.com/?ref=JamielLaurence




Choreographer & Filmmaker

CREATOR is a Dance Short Film that captures a choreographic workshop held by Jamiel Laurence at The Lanterns Studio Theatre, London, during August 2018.
The film aims to provide insight into the process by which the choreographic material is generated, developed and then performed.
Created & Produced by Jamiel Laurence
Danced by Henry Dowden & Aitor Arrieta Coca
"Gravity" Composed by Ben Lukas Boysen, Erasedtapes Music
Assistant Camera Guy Salim
Still Photography by Viktor Erik Emanuel
CREATOR was filmed on a single day, and footage was captured using an Apple iPhone X and a Zhiyun SmootQ Gimbal; Edited using Adobe Premier Pro.
With Kind Support From;
The Lanterns Studio Theatre
Check-It Scaffolding Services
Erased Tapes Music
Wonderful World of Dance
Viktor Erik Emanuel Still Photography
Filmed at the Lanterns Studio Theatre, London
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TWITTER: @jamiellaurence
INSTAGRAM: jamiellaurence
WEB: www.jamiellaurence.com


"In June"

Choreographer & Filmmaker

“In June” is created and produced by Jamiel Laurence, a choreographer based in Scotland.

The work is danced by Mia Thompson & Barnaby Rook Bishop

Music “20 Sep” composed by Francis Macdonald (Mute Song) - With soloists of the Scottish Ensemble
With Kind Support from;
John Austin
The Lanterns Studio Theatre - Lanterns Arts
Francis Macdonald

Filmed on the shores of Loch Lomond
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TWITTER: @jamiellaurence
INSTAGRAM: jamiellaurence
WEB: www.jamiellaurence.com



Choreographer & Co-Director

A Portrait of Marc Brew is an intimate and highly personal dance film depicting the acclaimed dancer and choreographer in the studio. (2015 – Present)• Inaugural Dance International Glasgow • Dance on Camera New York • San Francisco International Dance Film Festival • LOIKKA Helsinki •Cucalorus 2016 •Encore Dance on Film • Tiny Dance Film Festival • The Cottier Chamber Project • FIVER Dance Festival



Dir. Christopher Hampson & Kerry Nicholls

Jamiel was selected as one of Six Scottish Based Creators to take part in a 2-week mentorship and discovery programme, working with dancers of the Scottish Ballet Company.


"Whit's Fir Ye"

Danced to both iconic Scottish classics and new creations from the Folk department of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and played live, the piece aims to capture the spirit, playfulness and athleticism of the Scottish male youth.

• Scottish Ballet Fundraiser at Crossbasket Castle (October 2017) • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Graduation Performances (various) • For HRH Charles Prince of Wales, Dumfries House (July/August 2016)


“New York Happening”

With the piece happening in and around guests of the company, the work was commissioned to reflect the fundraising goal of supporting Scottish Ballet’s then upcoming tour of the USA, including New York.• Scottish Ballet Gala (October 2016) •


“1 to 10”

“1-10” is a comedy, using the dancers own recorded voices, arranged to create interesting scenarios and different, often amusing situations.• Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2015) • Cottiers Dance Festival Glasgow (2015)


“Barbershop Duets”

Set to traditional Barbershop standards, the work looks cheerfully at a trio of lovers and their relationships.• Cottiers Dance Festival Glasgow, 2015