Centre Stage: February 2020 (1)

14 Feb 2020

In keeping with our focus on the LGBTQ+ History month, this week, we hear from Carlos Pons Guerra. Carlos, Director of DeNada Dance Theatre, often explores themes of gender and sexual identity in his work. His latest project is a show called Mariposa- a transgender tragedy inspired by Madame Butterfly which considers the sacrifices those within the LGBTQ+ community often have to make to be loved and to be their true selves. Mariposa has been commissioned by Birmingham Dance Hub and Spin Arts, with further support from DanceXchange and The British Council. You can go and see the show at the DanceXchange on 27 and 28 March 2020.

In this interview, Carlos talks about why he chooses to focus on themes of gender and sexuality in his work, the need for more queer narratives to be seen on stage, and why he thinks dance in the best way to communicate these ideas…

“There is such a wonderful and diverse world out there that we need to represent on stage. It’s really important for me that audiences get a glimpse of the ‘other’, so that its not the ‘other’ anymore, its just become reality.”

“Dance is the most natural and human form of expression, the most pure. Before we speak, we move.”
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