Centre for Advanced Dance Training Student Italian Exchange

11 Jul 2017

Three students aged 17-18 years from The Place’s Centre for Advanced Training in Dance (CAT) scheme have been awarded scholarships to attend the Arte Balletto Summer School in Italy.

This is the first time that participants from the nationwide CAT scheme have taken part in an international exchange programme. This exchange was set up by Nicky Ellis, a core member of the CAT faculty who has inspired the centre’s young artists for over 11 years. Last year, for the first time an Arte Balletto student attended the CAT Summer Intensive at The Place and this year the programme has further grown with UK students visiting Italy.

The aims of this exchange are to allow the students to immerse themselves within a different culture and language. They will have an opportunity to work with new teachers, artists and other European students. They will also be supported in the logistics of organising participating in a course abroad.

“The intention of this exchange is to allow the students to have experiences outside of their comfort zones but with support from the secure base of our CAT programme for them to explore from. As this year’s and next year’s leavers, it is a very crucial stage for the students involved in this project. The exchange will give them as sense of what it will be like to train intensely every day but also a taste of life beyond what they already know. This is not only an exchange in the studio, but an exchange of support, training and our holistic approach for working with young people.”

– Hannah Waters (CAT Coordinator at The Place)

The students selected for the scholarship from the application process are: Lydia Mackett (17 years) who will be continuing with her Alevels in September, Tierney Lawlor (18 years) who will be attending Rambert Ballet School and Georgina Pinin (18 years) who gained a place at London Contemporary Dance School. The course will run between the 16 and 23 of July in the heart of Cantina the home of Mount Etna. The students will take part in Ballet, Repertoire and Contemporary technique classes taught by ex-Royal Ballet dancers Stephen Beagley and Petal Miller for Ballet and London Contemporary Dance School Alumnus Nicky Ellis for Contemporary.

The Centres for Advanced Training scheme’s prime objective is to help and encourage young British dancers to access institutions and conservatoires of excellence. Unlike other specialist training programmes, the Centres for Advanced Training are non-residential and allow students to remain in the mainstream education system and live at home with their families.

The programme at The Place is open to all children between 11-16 years regardless of previous dance training. The scheme accepts talented children who have limited dance experience alongside those who have had considerable prior training. Participants can be selected purely for their potential regardless of family and financial circumstances due to the support of the Music and Dance Scheme through grants. Each family is means tested so families only pay fees according to their means, enabling young people to benefit who could not otherwise afford to join the programme.