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Dance Sector Networks

Students at Launch Leeds 2013. Photo: Sara Teresa

Students at Launch Leeds 2013. Photo: Sara Teresa

One Dance UK runs several e-groups meant to facilitate discussions between members with specific interests:

Independent Dance Network

The Independent Dance Network is facilitated by One Dance UK. It is aimed at dance artists, managers and producers who are not in receipt of ongoing funding to make, perform or stage work, or are not employed on a full time basis by a dance company. Why join?  This network is a forum to share news, information, knowledge and advice, providing support and highlighting opportunities for career progression and professional development. How can I join? Please email if you are interested in joining.

Healthier Dancer Programme Network

The Healthier Dancer Programme Network helps the UK’s dance community share and discuss the latest developments, information, resources and best practice in dancers’ health and performance, dance medicine and science. Why join? Network members receive alerts about upcoming conferences, research opportunities and anything that would be of interest in the name of preventing injury and enhancing the performance of dancers. The network is also a great way for dancers and health practitioners to share information and advice with other members. How can I join?  Please contact the Healthier Dancer Programme Manager on if you would like to find out more.

UK Choreographers Forum

The UK Choreographers Forum (UKCF) is a network for professional choreographers and others who are committed to raising the profile of choreography. It welcomes members working in all contexts including theatre, film, opera, community, musicals and trade shows and in commissioned, commercial and independent situations. Why join? UKCF is a means by which choreographers can be the first to hear about relevant opportunities and events, contribute to debate and discussion, air views, and ask questions, all by email. How can I join? Please email if you would like to join.

Dance Managers Group

The Dance Managers Group (DMG) is a communication network for professional dance managers. Why join? The group provides a forum for managers to network, provide peer support and share information about latest developments, opportunities and best practice in the management of dance. Group members receive updates about advocacy efforts, conferences and CPD and other relevant opportunities. How can I join? Membership is open to managers of small and middle scale dance companies. Please email if you are interested in joining the group.  

Dance PR Network

A network for all those in the dance industry working in press and public relations to come together, discuss and support. How can I join?  Membership is open to anyone who is working in the field of Press and PR in dance. Please email for further information.  

Dance Marketing Network

A group for Dance Sector marketeers to connect, share best practice, ideas and initiatives and essentially build a community of professionals who specialise in marketing in the dance sector. How can I join?  Membership is open to anyone who is working in the field of marketing in the dance sector. Please email for further information.