Choreographers Observerships…a unique and vital opportunity

Choreographers Observerships

© Scottish Ballet

Jamiel Laurence and Eve Mutso rehearse for The Hunchback in the Park as part of Christopher Bruce’s Ten Poems. Photograph by Andy Ross © Scottish Ballet

The Choreographers Observership Programme enables choreographers to observe another choreographer of their choice at work. 

The programme was launched in response to demand from choreographers for opportunities to observe other artists at work, either to open up new areas of work, (for example in commercials, theatre or opera), or to learn from another artists’ creative practice.

“A unique and vital opportunity; the chosen choreographers will be able to witness at close quarters the skills and creativity of an established professional at work.”

Kate Flatt, choreographer and movement director

Examples of choreographers who took part in previous years include:

  • Hubert Essakow, freelance choreographer, who observed Javier de Frutos, director, movement director and choreographer
  • Kanchan Maradan, Kathak performer, teacher and choreographer based in Manchester, who observed Akram Khan
  • Diane Alison-Mitchell, movement director and choreographer, who observed Liam Steel, director, movement director and choreographer

For more information about Choreographers Observerships, please contact Andrew Hurst or Helen Laws: [email protected]