Connecting members with established professionals


“I have made a connection to the art world that would have been completely impossible without support from One Dance UK.”

Jonathan Goddard

Dancers’ Mentoring Programme

Established in 2007, One Dance UK’s Dancers’ Mentoring Programme each year offers dance artists the life-changing opportunity of preparing for a career beyond performing, benefitting from the wisdom, experience and industry insights of a mentor. 

Dance Teaching Mentoring Programme 

The career-enhancing Dance Teaching Mentoring Programme is designed to develop leadership potential, and expand teachers’ industry knowledge and network of contacts under the guidance of an established industry figure.

Choreographers Observerships

The Choreographers Observership Programme enables choreographers to observe other artists at work, either to open up new areas of work, or to learn from another artists’ creative practice.

Trailblazers Fellowship

Foundation in 2003, the Trailblazers Fellowship Programme – in two distinct strands: Starters (for first-time applicants) and Champions (for previous Trailblazers Starters) is a structured development programme aimed at enhancing skills in leadership, management, entrepreneurship and creativity.


Jennifer Curry, Executive Director of Dancers’ Career Development comments: “Dancers’ Career Development is pleased to be working in partnership with One Dance UK on its 2017 Mentoring Programmes. The demand for these programmes is reflected in the great many applications received each year. The mentoring programmes for dancers in particular offer a key opportunity for dancers identified as future leaders to be supported and guided on their career journey beyond performing, which can often be a challenging transition.”

Andrew Hurst, Chief Executive of One Dance UK adds: “As a professional dancer, I was very fortunate to have taken part in the pilot of the dancers’ mentoring programme in 2007. The experience dramatically altered my perspective on what the possibilities might be for a professional career beyond performance. The programme gave me inspiration to believe in new goals and gave me the tools to focus on and develop skills and acquire new ones in order to realise that dream.”