Business of Dance

Business of Dance

The Business of Dance is a training and professional development programme which began in 2012 to support dance managers and dance artists to develop their business and management skills. The programme is designed to raise standards in the specific skills required by dance managers and dancers including injury prevention and management; intellectual property, rights, licences and Union negotiations for choreography, performance, music and design; and marketing work that is conceptual, abstract and yet to be devised. In addition, generic business skills need to be nuanced in order to be effectively applied to dance, such as income generation and raising public and private funding; managing devising teams; dance touring; and partnerships with venues.

The Business of Dance programme includes peer-to-peer learning events and knowledge exchange through:

  1. Seminars (live and online)
  2. Business Training
  3. Fundraising Programmes (live and online training)
  4. Bursaries

    1. Seminars:

Seminars are designed to be flexible and affordable, so artists and managers can attend without having to take a day off work or out of the studio. Previously run seminars are also available to view online at minimal cost, allowing training to fit around your work schedule.

  1. Training:

The training is designed to respond to the business development needs of:

  • Emerging dance managers, producers and self-managed artists
  • Experienced dance managers and leaders who want to maintain and develop their business skills focusing in depth on specific topics.

3. Fundraising

The Fundraising Training is part of the Agile Fundraising Programme, tailored to the needs of dance artists and managers to develop their fundraising skills and knowledge. Online seminars led by industry experts are available to view online in the members area.

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     4. Bursaries:

A selected group of dance artists and managers receive a bursary to work with a host organisation/company to develop their skills and enhance career progression.

The bursaries respond to Arts Council England’s goal to promote collaborative working, knowledge sharing and development of a highly skilled workforce.