The UK Choreographers Directory

Choreographers Directory

The UK Choreographers Directory is a free searchable directory of independent choreographers in the arts and entertainment industries.

It is aimed at producers and directors from across the entertainment industries and those who are simply interested in researching choreography.


“For me the work that has come out of being part of the directory has without fail been varied and exciting. Doors have opened.”

Yael Loewenstein, UK Choreographer Directory member 

Find a choreographer for a project

Choreographers in the UK Choreographers Directory are One Dance UK members with a minimum of five professional choreography credits, with a broad range of skills and experience in many dance styles and contexts. No matter your project there’s sure to be someone who can help you!

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Showcase your choreographic work

The UK Choreographers Directory is a great place to showcase your work to potential employers.

Choreographers in the UK Choreographers Directory get:

  • A personal and easily searchable profile on the One Dance UK website
  • Free Enhanced Listing on the Spotlight Contacts (info here)
  • Recommended for employment requests we receive
  • One to one artform and business advice from an assigned member of the One Dance UK staff
  • Exclusive invitations to professional networking events
  • Exclusive artform and business training sessions for choreographers and self-managed artists
  • The opportunity to be a Featured Choreographer

Learn more about how you can join the UK Choreographers Directory.