Caldonia Dances presents Holding Onto Ourselves

24 Mar 2021

Holding Onto Ourselves is a new 10-min dance on screen piece created by Caldonia Dances. At the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020, Caldonia was about to go into the studio at DanceXchange to explore making outdoor work with three dancers. Instead, Birmingham Dance Network’s ChoreoMatch process went online, and Caldonia and three dancers rehearsed across four weeks to create and explore dance for camera. This is the end result. A film that moves through the emotions felt at the start of that new and unknown period of our lives.

This film was created entirely on Zoom and filmed individually in each dancers’ houses on their iPhones. None of the dancers were in the same room for this process. Caldonia has edited the film across lockdown and worked closely with musician & composer Ping Lee to discover an original soundtrack to the work, with vocals from Lis Murphy and Cléa Thomasset. Funded by One Dance UK members Birmingham Dance Network and Arts Council England.

The film will be premiered on Caldonia’s website on Wednesday 31st March 2021.
Available from 10am.