Boys Dance session by Natalie

Natalie, Dance Ambassador 18/19, sums up the Boys Dance session at the One Dance UK Conference 2018

Kevin Edward Turner, co-artistic director of Company Chameleon, alongside staff, led an interactive, informative and inspiring session on Facilitating Boys Dance. As well as providing tried-and-tested ideas for running a workshop or class for these individuals, Kevin offered a thought-provoking insight into the logic underpinning why certain activities and material really work when working with young males.
Standout thoughts and tools included the importance of engaging boys in physical activity, as quickly as possible, in order to disperse energy and dispel nervousness. Activities such as icebreakers and relatable games provide not only a fun way to warm up and gain interest in a workshop but also offer an outlet and space for boys to engage with creative, choreographic thinking (often, without them even realising it).
During improvisation and choreographed sections, Kevin demonstrated how using simple, physical moves which look impressive, and can be developed, give individuals a sense of achievement and pride. Whilst there was emphasis on attainment and enjoyment, Kevin stressed the importance of showing and practising good technique so that participants create and engage with dance in a safe environment.
The materials and examples that Kevin provided could be applied not just to boys, but also to any hard to engage youth groups who could really benefit from a creative, dance-based outlet.