Boy Blue Entertainment and hip hop education

© Nicole Guarino

Boy Blue Entertainment has run an esteemed hip hop training school based in East London for nearly 20 years, which is at the heart of its development of young people. Every week, the company works with over seventy dancers, from the ages of 4 to 30 years, to help develop their hip hop performance skills and understanding of choreographic practice. These young people are then given opportunities to perform at high profile venues such as the Barbican. Young people from Boy Blue also featured heavily in the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

Furthermore, Boy Blue’s Emancipation of Expressionism was selected by the AQA exam board to be part of the GCSE Dance syllabus in 2016. This is a first for a hip hop dance company, and allows the organisation to work with young people in mainstream education on a national scale.

“Boy Blue being on the GCSE Dance syllabus is an exciting step for hip hop. Our work is being studied alongside the more traditional styles of dance, and that is an important step in allowing young people to experience the diversity and richness of the art form in modern day Britain”

Kenrick ‘H20′ Sandy MBE and Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante (co Artistic Directors of Boy Blue)

Boy Blue offers GCSE workshops for schools delivered by its senior teachers where students gain an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of Emancipation of Expressionism.
The company also offer CPD opportunities for teachers to help them deliver hip hop. Many teachers in education sector have not been trained to teach this style of dance; Boy Blue aims to offer a package aiming to make the delivery of hip hop more comfortable and accessible.

If you would like to book a Boy Blue workshop, please contact Shawab Iqbal on expressing your interest. The company also offer bespoke projects and general workshops, alongside the GCSE offer.