Advocacy Update: December 2019

16 Dec 2019

December Highlights – General Election 2019

Election Results: Per the BBC’s report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have a majority of 80 seats. They have made gains in Labour heartlands across northern England and Wales. The SNP have made gains across Scotland. Labour have had their worst return of seats in any general election since 1935 and Jeremy Corbyn will be standing down as Labour leader in March 2020. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats now have more female than male MPs. See the BBC’s full round up here.

PoliticsHome has pulled together profiles of all 140 newly elected MPs.

Dance Manifesto: One Dance UK have published a Manifesto for the dance sector to act as a long-term vision for how policymakers can help support the UK dance sector.

We invite One Dance UK members and anyone with a passion for dance to share this Manifesto with local MPs asking them to pledge their support to:

  • Enable every child and young person to have access to dance
  • Ensure a thriving dance sector post-Brexit
  • Harness the benefits of dance for public health and wellbeing
  • Foster equality of opportunity for dance artists and leaders
  • Improve dance artists’ working conditions
  • Champion UK dance at home and abroad

Find and write to your local MP by entering your postcode here.

See our statement on the election result here and some as well as coverage of our Manifesto in The Stage here.

Next steps: A minor cabinet reshuffle is due to take place on Monday 16 December and the State Opening of Parliament on Thursday 19 December with the Queen’s Speech setting out the new Government’s legislative programme. A major reshuffle is expected to take place in February 2020, after the UK has left the EU and a Budget statement in March 2020. See more here.

One Dance UK will be working hard to reach out to all returning and newly elected MPs as well as Ministers in relevant Government departments, sharing our Manifesto and also inviting them to support the Dance APG.

Post-election, the Brexit clock has again begun ticking and we are currently due to leave the EU on 31 January 2020. The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill is expected to have its second Commons reading on Friday, 20 December 2019. Commentators have suggested that Boris Johnson’s comfortable majority could now mean a softer Brexit and potentially allow the PM to push back the deadline and seek a longer transitional period if needed. A reminder of our Brexit info webpage which we will be updating with resources and latest news.


Keep Informed, Get involved
Clore Leadership is partnering with social enterprise Cause4 and the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme to launch an initiative dedicated to improving the diversity of arts organisations’ boards.

Publication of the Scottish Culture Strategy has been delayed until after the General Election, which took place on 12 December. The document, the first of its kind to be produced in a decade, is said to be ready to be published and Scottish Government has confirmed the strategy will be published “as soon as is practical”.

As a recent Programme for International Student Assessment shows that the UK has improved its maths, science and reading rankings when compared with other countries, arts education experts argue the importance of cultural subjects and learning must not get lost in the conversation around the UK’s education performance.

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) published an evidence review into skills, talent and diversity in the creative industries.

The Creative Industries Federation, of which One Dance UK are members, have published a Global Talent briefing which links to several detailed position papers regarding the sector’s need for a fair, flexible and forward-looking immigration system.

Arts consultant and researcher James Doeser writes in The Stage about how the arts sector can tackle the challenges of public policy.  


Remember, to keep informed and get involved in advocating for dance, you can:
Sign up to:

Check out MPs on Twitter and find and engage with your local MP on social media. Don’t forget to invite your local MP to join the All Party Parliamentary Group for Dance and share the Dance Manifesto.

Write to your local candidate
Tell them about your organisation, how many local people you reach and the benefits they enjoy from engaging in dance activities. Invite them to come and visit you, perhaps to see a show, class, rehearsal or to tour your facilities…find your local MP

Spread the word
Email Hanna to let us know of any upcoming performances or events that you would like for us to consider including in the All Party Parliamentary Group for Dance programme of events next year.

 Dance All Party Parliamentary Group
The Dance APPG exists to promote dance as an art form and as an important element of healthy living and the fight against obesity, and to promote its education and social benefits.

If you ask your local MP to join the APPG, express to them how their membership of the Group would be an incredibly valuable declaration of commitment to the importance of dance in the UK and would be extremely appreciated by their local constituents involved in dance.

Please make sure to let us know about any contact you have with national and local politicians.


Key Dates

  • 19 December 2019 – State Opening of Parliament and Queen’s Speech
  • 31 January 2020 – Brexit
  • March 2020 – Budget Statement