Aakash Odedra Company tours #JeSuis

23 Apr 2019

Aakash Odedra Company, #JeSuis. Photographer: Sean Goldthorpe

Choreographer and performer Aakash Odedra’s first company work #JeSuis starts their tour on 9 May in Leicesters’ Peepul Centre.

#JeSuis is a powerful physical exploration of oppression, created for a group of seven Turkish dancers and inspired by their collective response to the widespread misinterpretations of their country. The work also looks at the role of the media in dictating the stories we see and acknowledges that some acts of oppression are more loudly heard and deeply felt than others.

The dancers include:

  • Gizem Aksu
  • Yasin Anar
  • Evrim Akyay
  • Taner Güngör
  • Su Güzey
  • Beril Şenöz
  • Melissa Ugolini

UK tour listing:

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