A-levels and GCSEs: Teacher estimates are now to be used for exam results

17 Aug 2020

As the Subject Association for dance, we are pleased to see that Ofqual has confirmed that the government will abandon standardisation and use teacher assessment for GCSE’s and A-levels, bringing England in line with the other UK nations. A-level and GCSE students in England will now be given grades estimated by their teachers and not by an algorithm as previously stated, following concerns that A-level results were being downgraded.
In a statement Ofqual chair Roger Taylor and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson apologised and acknowledged that there were “significant inconsistencies” with the grading process.

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Following Ofqual’s announcement that A Level and GCSE students are to receive Centre Assessment Grades, BTEC have reviewed the impact on BTEC students and have taken on board feedback from teachers, schools and colleges. Following their review and feedback they have decided to apply Ofqual’s principles for students receiving BTECs this summer.

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