A Festival of Korean Dance 2021 at The Place

29 Jul 2021

Company SIGA in Zero, photo by Aiden Hwangv

The Place, Korean Cultural Centre UK, and the Korea Arts Management Service are excited to continue their partnership with a fourth edition of A Festival of Korean Dance 2021.

Not only will the return of A Festival of Korean Dance open the autumn season and mark a return to live performance for The Place, but it also offers two UK premieres of new works and the exciting return of international dance artists to London.

Sung Im Her is a London-based Korean artist. The Place first introduced her work to audiences in 2019 with Nutcrusher and then again in 2020 during the online edition of the Festival of Korean Dance. As a choreographer she explores the essence of movements, unburdened by cultural or personal meaning, using a minimalist, raw style of movement with strict, geometrical choreographies that are based on iteration.

This year she will present her new work W.A.Y. (RE-WORK), a full-evening piece featuring four dancers and one live musician, exploring the tension between our need for individuality and our longing to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Uncompromisingly intense, both for the dancers and the viewer, the work cycles through a myriad of psychological and social geometries, illustrating our uncertainty and fear, but also joy and sense of growth when addressing this tension in our lives. (17&18 SEP)

 Company SIGA are one of the most talented up and coming companies in Korea. SIGA is an acronym combining the two Korean words, “시나브로 [sinabro]”, which means ‘little by little’ and “가슴에 [gaseume]” which means ‘into the heart’. The company practice a democratic working style that puts the movements and thoughts of all members together into one complete piece of art. Company SIGA keep ’Speed’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Body’ as the main three keywords of their group dance pieces, creating natural pace and flow. They will present a double bill of work on 23 & 24 SEP.

Equilibrium is a duet playing on ideas of balance. Through energetic movements, performers express their evolved selves in relation to nature and the human persona that have gone through infinite cycles of equilibrium and chaos.

Zero is a beautifully crafted group piece for six dancers showcasing the ecstasy of moving towards a higher level of freedom, exceeding physical limitations, before returning back to “ZERO”.

Doil Kim, Korea Arts Management Service President says: “We very much appreciate the efforts of The Place, the Korean Cultural Centre UK, and the respective artists who have worked so hard to introduce Korean contemporary dance to UK audiences despite the on-going Covid-19 global crisis. These artists have continued to adapt and develop even when the possibility for performance was restricted. I hope that the showcases of Sung Im Her and Company SIGA send a hopeful message to Londoners about the re-opening of live theatre.


More information about A Festival of Korean Dance 2021 can be found here