A clap for dance teachers

By Faye O’Connor


Dear Dance Teacher,

I hope this finds you well.

Our work has changed dramatically, but we must not sit and dwell.

Back in March the world, well it went completely mad,

Since then, I am sure you’ve had both your good days and your bad.

Nonetheless you kept on going and your passion for dance alive

Just take a minute to be proud of your commitment and your drive.

You’ve pushed back all your furniture to make some more room,

And now suddenly you’re quite the expert on how to teach on Zoom.

You’ve kept things nice and lively and really quite upbeat.

It’s a shame you couldn’t always see your dancers dancing feet,

You’ve shown to our young dancers, to always to believe

If you have a passion and drive, then you will always succeed.

It has been a tough time for our dancers who live on their own

However, your dance class brought life and laughter, right into their home.

Your frustration with technology made you scream and shout,

Just remember that you were there to encourage dancers to stay home, workout.

You just kept on dancing and gave it all your heart,

You brought people together when the world it stood apart.

Oh wow you think its really no big deal,

Tell that to your dancers who you helped to smile and feel.

Times are incredibly difficult; we will brave this stormy weather.

Just remember us dance teachers, well we are in this all together.


Faye O’Connor, Company Owner – Xpress-Yourself

Xpress-Yourself founded in 2013 by Faye O’Connor and specialises in working with older adults running weekly dance classes and creative workshops.  Our mission is to be a dance company that works creatively and inclusively in the community and advocates that age and ability are no barrier to dance.

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