20th Anniversary of the Pink Jukebox Trophy

6 Apr 2019

16 February marked the 20th anniversary of the Pink Jukebox Trophy held at the gorgeous and historic Rivoli Ballroom in South East London. Nearly 90 couples competed in Same Sex Ballroom and Latin categories throughout the day with representation from absolute beginner couples, right up to the current World Champions. Pink Jukebox was an absolute success and everyone was delighted to help it share its 22nd Birthday (23rd year) at the social dance party on Sunday 17 February at the Bishopsgate Ballroom.

Line up’s included:

Men’s Ballroom A Class Final:

  1. Michael Litke & Mariusz Stankiewicz (UK)
  2. John Church  & Alex Lewalle (UK)
  3. Matthias Neuer & Michael Durchholz
  4. Tom Dane & Kevin Haycock (UK)
  5. Tim Regan & David Jameson (UK)

Women’s Ballroom A Class Final:

  1. Caroline Privou & Petra Zimmermann
  2. Reka Fuleki & Maria Glotz
  3. Tania Dimitrova & Ines Dimitrova
  4. Constance Alpen & Karolin Jacobs
  5. Marion Chambon & Alice Coutant
  6. Sabine Engelmann & Manuela Schulze

Men’s Latin A Class Final:

  1. Jo Baiao & Tom Wohlfarht
  2. Darren Whitby & Vishesh Mehta
  3. George Dyett & Shane Seal
  4. David Jameson & Tim Regan

Women’s Latin A Class Final:

  1. Kelly Monshouwer & Yulia Zhdanova
  2. Santra Rinne & Piia Korpi
  3. Charlotte Lange & Sandra Thomas
  4. Names Withheld
  5. Constance Alpen & Karolin Jacobs

The atmosphere at a European Same Sex Dance Competitions different to any mainstream competition. People are there to win, but there is the biggest sense of family and community with couples coming together from literally from all over the world to support each other in achieving personal bests. To experience more of the same in the year ahead keep these dates in the diary:

    • Saturday 3 August 2019: Salisbury Pride Same Sex Dance Competition
    • Saturday 5 October 2019: UK Fun Competition (15th Anniversary)
    • Saturday 16 November 2019: The UK Equality Open, Wimborne