10th Gay Games & 3rd IFSSDA World Championships – Paris 2018

20 Aug 2018

© Horace Luong

Paris has just successfully held the 10th Gay Games / 3rd International Federation of Same Sex Dance Associations (IFSSDA) World Championships. Competition categories included both Senior and Adult Open Ballroom & Latin American, Argentine Tango, Showdance Couples, Showdance Teams and Handidanse.

The four day long programme welcomed over 370 dancers from across the world to a special and highly prestigious event as part of the wider 10th Gay Games programme in the very heart of Paris. Over 90 countries participated in the Gay Games overall, 20 of those countries competing still fight for equality in their homelands where homosexuality is still illegal. The demonstration for equality and diversity was celebrated in abundance with over 10,500 participants taking to the streets of Paris in their respective sporting events.

The Dancesport competition (organised primarily by Rainbow Evidanse and Laissez-Nous Danser) took place at the Gymnase Japy, close to Voltaire in Paris. The team turned a local gym into an extraordinary venue for the event.

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) who are the sport body that sit behind the games, were absolutely delighted with the Dancesport programme, with their board members in attendance for the duration of the week. They couldn’t believe how inclusive, supportive and diverse the competitors were and how they held true, the values of the FGG in terms of promoting equality through sport and culture.

Armin Lohrmann, Host Relations Officer for the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) said:

“Observing the Dancesport competition from the very beginning, I have never seen such outstanding quality. For the first time, Asian couples entered the World Championships, which is a huge achievement for the international development of Same Sex Dancesport. It was an honour for me to be part of the medal presentation on behalf of FGG.“

Pete Meager, Public Relations for 10. Gay Games – Dancesport and for the UKSSDC:

“It was an honour to volunteer for Paris 2018 and play such a major part in an event as prestigious as this. It was amazing to see so many people from all over the world represent their country, their community and their sport at such a high level. It was even more delightful to see first time competitors take to the floor with the entire support of all those taking part. It has made memories that will last a life time for so many people.”

From the UK, Paula Moulton & Gary Lyness who took the 10. Gay Games Gold Medal for Handidanse. Although not currently part of the World Championship titles, this UK couple stole the hearts and minds of all those present with their hugely energetic and emotional performance on the final day of the competition. Congratulations to them both on a fantastic result!

World Champions – Paris 2018:

Open Men’s Standard – Julien Poli & Corentin Normand (FR)

Senior Men’s Standard – Marc Schleuter & Christian Pohl (DE)

Open Men’s Latin – Sergio Brilhante & Eddie Alba (UK/US)

Senior Men’s Latin – Thomas Bensch & Simone Biagini (DE)

Open Men’s Ten Dance – Sergio Brilhante & Eddie Alba (UK/US)

Senior Men’s Ten Dance – Thomas Bensch & Simone Biagini (DE)

Open Women’s Standard – Caroline Privou & Petra Zimmermann (DE)

Senior Women’s Standard – Caroline Privou & Petra Zimmermann (DE)

Open Women’s Latin – Kelly Monshouwer & Yulia Zhdanova (NL/RU)

Senior Women’s Latin – Charlotte Lange & Nete Jorgensen (DK)

Open Women’s Ten Dance – Miriam Meister & Angela Pikarski (DE)

Senior Women’s Ten Dance – Dorothea Arning & Almut Freund (DE)

Showdance Couple – Leoniel Enopia & Exequiel Vargas (PH/HK)

Showdance Team – Revue en Rose (DE)

For more information on the UK Same-Sex Dance Council: