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Claire Farmer at Roehampton University HDP Talk. Photo by Erin Brown-John

Claire Farmer at Roehampton University HDP Talk. Photo by Erin Brown-John


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What are Healthier Dancer Talks?

Our Healthier Dancer Programme talks re-launched in 2012 with the establishment of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) and form a core part of the education strand of NIDMS.

Talks in dancers’ health and performance aim to:

  • Promote safe and effective dance practice in educational and professional environments
  • Educate dancers and educators on mechanisms for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Raise awareness of resources, programmes, and organisations that facilitate dancers’ health and performance.


Talks Offered

Talks will provide an overview of major topics in dancers’ health, from fitness, nutrition, psychology, and safe dance practice to overtraining and hypermobility in dance. Workshops have been prepared with today’s dancer in mind and will include both theoretical and practical elements.

Talks are 90 minutes in length and can be delivered individually or as part of our new module offer. Modules include 3 or more talks and can be taught over a creation period, term or programme to develop a deeper knowledge of certain subjects.

If you are looking for a talk that is not listed on the menu or you would like to create a bespoke workshop, please feel free to contact us.

Healthier Dancer Talks: topics available

*Safe Dance Practice

The Healthier Dancer Programme is also a registered provider of The Safe in Dance International Healthy Dance Practice CPD Certificate. This certificate has been developed and written by international leaders in healthy dance practice and is endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training to award 60 hours of CPD through independent study. It evidences knowledge in the key areas of safe dance practice that are essential for dance teachers working in all dance genres and settings. The cost of taking the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate is £140.



Talks are delivered by our HDP Managers, Erin Sanchez and Sarah Needham-Beck, along with experts in specific areas of dance medicine and science, such as Khyle Eccles, Director of Athletic Artist.

If you are looking for more in-depth coverage of a particular topic, One Dance UK are able to recommend and arrange an expert professional speaker in a variety of topics from our HDP Speakers List. Certain talks require specialist knowledge from particular NIDMS partners, and will be offered exclusively through their individual organisations.


Booking Information

To book, please call One Dance UK on 020 7713 0730 or email


Talks: £130 One Dance UK corporate members / £150 non-members

Modules (3 Talks): £351 One Dance UK corporate members / £405 non-members

Empowering Dance: £35 ½ day, £65 full day, per person

Speaker travel expenses and VAT need to be covered in addition to the fee above