Health Events and Conferences

Health Events and Conferences



Each year, One Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer Programme (HDP) organises a conference highlighting key issues in health, fitness and well-being for the dance profession.

COMING UP in 2017…

Friday 26 May: A Healthier Dancer Day on The Adolescent Dancer, IADMS Regional Meeting

Sunday 26 November: Healthier Dancer Programme Conference as part of One Dance UK’s Conference Season 

Session lead by Dr Benjamin Rosenblatt at HDP Strength and Conditioning Conference 2015. Photo by Erin Brown-John.

Session lead by Dr Benjamin Rosenblatt at HDP Strength and Conditioning Conference, 2015. Photo by Erin Brown-John.

Previous Healthier Dancer Programme conferences:

  • Thursday 11 May 2017 – Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance – an HDP conference with a Hip Hop focus
  • October 2015 – Strength and Conditioning in Dance: Power, Performance, and Rehabilitation
  • April 2015 – Dance UK’s Industry Wide Conference: The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations
  • April 2014 – Aesthetic Athletes and Dancers: Training and Optimising Performance
  • November 2013 – Beyond the Body: Dance UK Psychology Conference
  • April 2012 – Nutrition and Disordered Eating in Dance: Artistry, athleticism and the role of the multidisciplinary support team
  • April 2011 – From Injury to Performance: Lessons to Share in Dance and Sports
  • April 2009 – Dance Medicine: The Female Athlete Triad and Hypermobility

Videos, programmes, reports, and abstracts from these conferences are available on our resources pages.

Also available in ‘resources’ are informative reports of other dance medicine and science conferences that have taken place around the world over the years.

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation Medical website also holds an archive of abstracts from past dance medicine and science conferences, including abstracts from Annual Conferences of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS).