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As a Subject Association, and the voice for dance in schools, our mission is to further the teaching and learning of dance in both formal (schools, colleges, universities) and informal settings (youth, community, private). We offer an affordable membership for teachers providing support, advice, advocacy and resources.




We believe very strongly in:

  • Supporting teachers with professional development and to up-skill
  • Advocating to government and policy makers, on the importance of high quality dance in schools
  • Raising the standards of dance teaching, both within and outside of school
  • Improving access, opportunities and progression routes, by raising aspirations through high quality dance for all children and young people

Join us today, if you would like to:

  • Be up to date on teaching and learning strategies
  • Have access to dedicated sources of information;
    • over 150 teaching resources
    • educational news
    • updates on policies, legislation, curriculum and qualification changes
    • discounted books and publications
  • Be part of a dance teaching community
  • Be part of a louder voice in keeping dance on the school agenda
  • Be part of our annual conference, events and CPD training (discounted for members)
  • Help leadership see, hear and acknowledge that all children should have access to dance, no matter who they are or where they live
  • Be informed on our projects and programmes;
    • Dance Teaching Awards
    • Dance (national performance opportunities for young people)
    • Dance Ambassadors (national leadership programme for young people)
  • Receive our twice yearly One magazine, with the latest artistic discussion, industry information and 2 pull-put teacher resources

There are three different Performance Optimisation Package’s to choose from:

    • Standard: A health cash plan
    • Intermediate: A health cash plan, a musculoskeletal and fitness screening and training plan
    • Elite: A health cash plan, a bespoke musculoskeletal and fitness screening, a training plan and follow-up session.

For further details on the different packages, click here.

The health cash plan is available at a Bronze or Silver level, to decide which level is best for you click here.

Choose the package for you:


Benefits include:

  • Entry in the One Dance UK Choreographer’s Directory
  • Exclusive yearly networking event with other Directory members
  • One-to-one meeting with dedicated Project Manager to discuss experience and explore further opportunities
  • Online promotion of the Directory and other virtual marketing benefits
  • Opportunity for referral and promotion to national and international producers
  • Exclusive art form and business training sessions for choreographers and self-managed artists
  • The opportunity to be a Featured Choreographer 

Are you an experienced choreographer with:

Sorry but you do not fulfil the basic criteria to join the UKCD. Please contact Tomorr at Tomorr.kokona@onedanceuk.org for more information

Disclosure: Please note that in order to keep to the highest standard of service to our members we check and confirm all the information given; therefore we would ask you to be as accurate as possible when filling in your profile.

*What are choreographic credits?
In the creative arts, credits are an acknowledgement of those who participated in the production. They are often shown at the end of movies and on CD jackets. In film, video, television, theatre etc., credits means the list of actors and behind-the-scenes staff who contributed to the production. (Source: Wikipedia)


Benefits include:

  • Advocacy on your behalf as the Subject Association for Dance to promote and stand up for dance education in schools.
  • Dance teaching resources for Early Years, and all Key Stages, available online
  • New lesson ideas available online each term online
  • Dance In and Beyond Schools: An Essential Guide to Dance Teaching and Learning (2016 edition) publication available online.
  • Teaching Frameworks – useful educational resource supporting dance teaching from Early Years to Key Stage 5 (KS5)

By clicking on the Join Now button you will be taken to a summary page of your membership plan where you can review and confirm your choices; otherwise click here to go back to the main Membership page.

Are you in teacher training?

If you are a Student Teacher you are eligible for a discount membership here.

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