Business of Dance

Business of Dance

The Business of Dance is a training and professional development programme, created to support dance managers and dance artists to develop their business and management skills.

It includes peer-to-peer learning events and knowledge exchange through:

  1. Seminars
  2. Business Training
  3. Stage Performances
  4. Fundraising Programmes
  5. Bursaries

    1. Seminars:

Seminars have been designed to be flexible and affordable, so artists and managers can attend without having to take a day off work or out of the studio.

  1. Training:

The training is designed to respond to the business development needs of:

  • Emerging dance managers, producers and self-managed artists
  • Experienced dance managers and leaders who want to maintain and develop their business skills focusing in depth on specific topics.
  1. Stage Performances:

Established and emerging dance companies present new work for national and international producers and directors to widen their networks and increase their touring possibilities.

  1. Fundraising:

The Fundraising Training is part of the Agile Fundraising Programme, tailored to the needs of dance artists and managers to develop their fundraising skills and knowledge.

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  1. Bursaries:

A selected group of dance artists and managers receive a bursary to work with a host organisation/company to develop their skills and enhance career progression.

The bursaries respond to Arts Council England’s goal to promote collaborative working, knowledge sharing and development of a highly skilled workforce.